CoQ 10 and Diabetes Type-II.

Patient: I am 46 years old male suffering from type 2 diabetes since last 6 years. so far i was able to control my sugar level without any medicines. one of my friend suggested that i should take CO Q 10 and it will control my sugar level. I have NOT consulted any diabetologist. is it safe for me to take CO Q 10?

Doctor: As of today, very few studies have been done on CoQ10 and Diabetes type II, so there is not enough scientific evidence to assess or confirm the role and effectiveness of CoQ10 as a natural remedy for diabetes treatment. The CoQ10 has not been certainly proven as a lowering blood glucose level agent that could be used to control blood glucose levels. In fact some studies reported that giving diabetic patients 100mgs daily doses of CoQ 10 for three months did not produce any significant changes in the blood glucose or CoQ10 levels in diabetic patients. CoQ10 is a very powerful antioxidant, present in cell membranes, acting as a “scavenger” of free radicals and taking part in the regeneration of other antioxidants as Vitamin E and Vitamin C.