Corrective nose surgery to improve breathing?

Patient: Sir, My son 14 years old is prone to cold and allergies and i read ur question and answers to it but my doctor suggested that he is having nose bone bend and he breathe only by one nostril and corrective surgery may clear his problem sir is it necessary and at which age we should do and please tell me as four years back i did tonsil and adenoid operations to him but all in futile still he rub his nose with irritations.kindly reply me

Doctor: The surgical procedure known as Rhinoplasty can be performed for medical reasons to relieve breathing problems or for co smetic reasons. The primary function of the nose is to breathe efficiently and comfortably, but many people have breathing problems with their nose, both during the day and at night, at play and at rest. Breathing problems of the nose and sinuses can cause headaches, pain, anxiety, and depression, and can interfere with participation in many activities. One of the most common reasons for noncosmetic nose surgery is a deviated septum. The septum is the vertical wall between your two nostrils that extends back into the nasal cavity. This wall can be twisted and crooked, and be deviated out of its normal position. This deviation results in a smaller nasal passage on one side or the other, or even on both. The most common surgery for a deviated septum is septoplasty. A septoplasty can straighten a deviated, twisted, bent, or crooked septum to improve breathing, reduce the incidence of nasal and sinus infections, and increase comfort.