Cortisone cost

Patient: I am a volleyball player and have had knee pain and swelling for months. I would like to know how much it would cost to get it drained and get a cortisone shot. I don’t have the insurance plan to pay for all the procedures to get to that point and I would just like to know what the smallest amount I can pay is.

Symptoms: swelling, pain in knee

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Our team of physicians at answer questions from patients all over the worl d, and it is difficult for us to comment on the actual cost and insurance coverage of procedures because they vary from region to region. Cortisone joint injections is a very common procedure for pain and inflammation and can be very reasonably priced. What we suggest, is that you contact your state department of health or a healthcare social worker who can put you into contact with an affordable or even free medical service to treat your pain. We apologize that we cannot help any further beyond this.Thank you for choosing