Cough, Aches and Pains – Viral infection

Patient: My husband and I are quite sick. It started over a week ago with a sore dry throat. We started to feel sick due to all the saliva and congestion in our sinusus. My husband now has a terrible cough that he can’t shift and I have what feels like a cold but no runny nose, just really congested, my body aches everywhere, especially around my neck, ears and forehead, both our backs are very sore and we feel like we have no energy. When I first got this sickness I had the pains over my body before the sore throat which led me to think it was some kind of flu virus. We both still feel exactly the same, no medicine is helping, what should we do, go to the doctor to get antibiotics?? or just wade it through?? Thanks

Doctor: In my opinion, you both should consult your doctor for accurate diagnosis of the condition and specific treatment of the symptoms. Although it seems to be a viral infection from the above mentioned description, you certainly need to control the symptoms to prevent severe complications. Also use of excessive decongestant medication may lead to rebound nasal or sinus congestion, and produce the same symptoms as side effects, rather than treating it. You may also perform steam inhalation to sooth your respiratory tract, reduce congestion and help drain your sinuses.