Cough and wheezing in 3 year old for 4 months

Patient: My son is 3 yrs old, and is having coughing for last four months, without any fever or loss of appetite. We are living in Dubai which is known for respiratory related diseases. Our doctor here has suggested to give nebilizer with ventolin(2ml) and pulmicot(1ml), as and when required, since at times he will be coughinng like anything. After seeing notmuch improvement, my wife has taken my son to Delhi, and the doctor at Apollo Hospital is saying that the existing medicines are pretty old have side effects. He suggested to give seroflo-125 instead of pulmicot levolin mdi instead of ventolin tab montair 5mg instead of singulair We are very confused now, and unsure how to proceed. Any help will be highly appreciated. Kindly help !!! VJ

Doctor: In my opinion the medications prescribed by either doctors may be effective, however you may choose the treatment prescr ibed by your doctor in Dubai, and follow up with him for dose adjustments or any changes in the medications (he may replace these medicines with newer ones, if required). This may help reserve the newer and higher medications for future use