Cough, Cold and Blocked nose

Patient: Hi,I am having severe headache, blocked nose and cough having mild fever once this started. cough and secreting sputum. Also there has been lot of thick mucus coming out from my nose as well.Even when I am trying to release mucus from my nose I am having headache and nose seems to be getting chocked. I am even getting headache even on looking down towards floor. I am getting a feeling that cold has kind of accumulated in the front side of my forehead. This has been going on for the past 2 days. coughing gets increased whenever I go to office or near A/C and it gets better if I stay away from direct A/CIn the past I had similar symptoms and I had been prescribed Allegra or Cefpodoxime Proxetil on different occasions. I want to know can I take bothAllegra and Cefpodoxime Proxetil along with paracetamol ? Can these be taken together or there are any side effects due to their chemical compositions.Thanksusrivpx

Symptoms: severe headache, blocked nose and cough having mild fever

Doctor: You seem to be suffering from Acute on Chronic Allergic Rhinosinusitis with Bronchitis. It is important that you consult an ENT Specialist or an Allergy Specialist to confirm the diagnosis and for appropriate therapy. I would discourage self-medication in your case, since inadequate or inappropriate medication may lead to prolonged and distressful symptoms, with further complications. Since you have exacerbation of symptoms in an AC environment, you need to undergo specific allergy tests to rule out sensitivity to dust mites and molds among others. Apart from a scheduled anti-allergic therapy, some environmental control measures would also be suggested based on your sensitivity pattern, as assessed by the Allergy (Skin Prick) Tests. So go on, see an Allergy Doctor today.