Cough conjestion

Patient: Sir,i am 29 years of age slim built and 57 kg of weight.i hav a regular cough problem some time dry and some time wet, or whenever i hav a colddrinks or ice cream specially on that day it happens more and i cannot sleep well.due to this there is pain in my centre part of when i bend down also it pains .sometome high and some time low.tht cough does not ends up . due to this i hav stop eating any cold stuff and any cold drink .but than too it does not go off.suggest remedy to it.i usually sleep in with an ac on to 24 degreee temperature.due to this my weight has stopped to a margin since many years .i want my weight to 65kg atleast.but its not increasing i guess due to it.i eat well and even started excersing in gym now .plz helpregardspravesh