Cough viral or bacterial?

Patient: I have had a cough with green and yellow mucas for two months now. about six months ago I was diagnosed with smokers bronchitis and put on antibiotics and an inhaler. I feel fine but can’t lose this cough and the green phlem. I have tried over the counter cough and cold medicine and allergy medicine. I am prone to seasonal allergies. I smoke approximately one pack per day. There is no weasing but the last two days I have been unable to take deep breaths.

Doctor: Bronchitis and smoking go hand in hand. When you smoke, chemicals within the tobacco irritate the lining of your bronchi al tubes. Typical symptoms include a cough, sore throat, mucous and chest discomfort. The more that you smoke, the worse this condition becomes. It can lead to chronic bronchitis, a disease linked almost exclusively to smokers. You already had the diagnosis made and the best way to decrease the sputum production is by avoiding the irritant which is the smoke inhaled in your Bronchi.The condition that you have can also evolve into chronic bronchitis, and apparently in which shortness of breath is added to the other symptoms that you already have. It is my duty to suggest you to consult a physician specialized in lungs and have him evaluate your lung function to rule out this possibility.