Coughing for a few days and mild fever

Patient: Hey,ive been coughing for a few days following what i thought was a cold, but now ive noticed that its a bit harder to breathe, and also i have a fever that ranged from 100-101.

Doctor: Hello, I realize your situation and in my opinion you might probably are starting to compromise your Bronchi, if you not ice that your chest is wheezing or you cough with sputum the chances might increase.I would suggest you to consult your primary care physician to rule out other possibilities with a good clinical history and examination. The most common cause is viral but since you noticed an increase in the severity of your symptoms, bacterial entity might need to be ruled out. If your difficulty in breathing increases, please seek immediate help.In the mean time you could try using Tylenol for the fever and drink plenty of fluids to clear your lungs.I wish you a prompt recovery.