Coughing up mucus that leads to throwing up

Patient: Every morning my husband wakes up he eats breakfast then he start coughing and spitting up mucus then when he go’s to bathroom he throw up everthing what causes that

Symptoms: coughing

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that the act of coughing is activating the gag reflex which causes vomiting . We are not certain as to what is causing his coughing as you haven’t told us any detail pertaining to his medical history. However, if you claim that the coughing and increased mucus production occurs directly after eating breakfast, there may be something that he is eating that is causing this to happen. It is possible that your husband may have a food allergy to a certain food he eats for breakfast. We recommend that you investigate further into the reason why he is coughing in the first place. Once this is treating, the vomiting will likely stop as well.Thank you for choosing