Could allergic symptoms lead to increased BP?

Patient: I live in deep woods and all trees are pollenating presently. My BP has always been great and a bit lowish,even. The past few days i’ve been feeling tired and headachy so i took my BP and it was higher quite a bit higher than usual. Could my bp have been temporarily raised due to the stress of my allergies? i do not take any allergy meds at all. Just sore throat from hard and plentiful sneezing. Thank you.

Doctor: It seems that you are having either an upper respiratory tract infection or an allergic reaction to all the pollen. It s ometimes may be possible for your BP to increase at times that the body is going through stress like an infection. However I would still advice you to continue monitoring your blood pressure and if it is continuosly high then please consult a physician in person as you may need to be started on medication. Its usually around this age in females when essential hypertension ie increased bp actually manifests. All the best.