Could i be concieving, or could i be pregnant ?

Patient: Hi, im 17,i have irregular periods, on august 30th i got my period, very heavy and very bad cramps for 2-3 days, my period ended on the 3rd i think, the day after that i had sex, we ddi it once, and he puled out bout 5 minutes later did it again, and he pulled out again and than one more time and again he oulled out.. and it didnt feel the same, its now 5 days later, and i am having low back cramps and cramps that feel like my period is coming. and i have white milky discharge, there is no new odor, ive had a viginal odor for a while now, so i know the smell isnt from the discharge, please help i am in need of immediate answers what do you think abou my situation?

Symptoms: Symptoms, back cramps and what i think are menstrual cramps white discharge