Could i be pregnant?

Patient: Hi everyone really scaredIn july 2011 i got pregnant with my bf, at 10 weeks i got a surgical abortion. Between 8th sept when i had the abortion to 12th october when i had my implanon fitted i didnt have a normal period just light bleeding.Whilst on the implanon i bleed constantly from october to january when i had it removed.I had it removed on the 6th of jan i stopped bleeding imediatley. I then had sex on the 15th of jan he pulled out but did go back in, i took the morning after pill within 24 hours of the sex. I didnt have a period since having the implanon removed and havent had a normal period since before getting pregnant in july.I am really worried, could anyone give me advice. Do you think its possible i could be pregnant again? The guy i slept with said he was told he had a 50% chance of ever having children.When should i expect my period?