Could i be pregnant

Patient: I have a few questions about if these symptoms can tell im pregnant or not. the last day i had sex was november 29th and my period spotted lightly that morning til i got stressed out really badly and it started to flow for 2 or 3 days than stopped and started again the next day for one day. i had another period the 24th(i think) of december but lasted about 3 or 4 days. about end of december i started feeling in pain alot, my stomach mainly. is it possible to be on my period and be pregnant? the end of november i took a test and it was negative but that was too early to tell. i went to the doctor and took a piss test and it said negative (right after my period that went for about 3 days than stopped and started up again for a day). the doctor said it would be too early to tell. i am getting concerned about the pain.1. my breasts are sore2. my stomach and abdomin hurt alot lately3. i am alot hungrier than usual4. i am urinating alot and pooping probably twice or three times daily5. i get very high cramps sometimes6. i rarely do but sometimes feel nacious7. i am extremely emotional8. i get dizzy a few times(a few symptoms i am feeling lately)