Could i be pregnant?

Patient: -Is it possible that could i be pregnant if im on the implanon and taking the medication minocycline 100mg twice a dayi can tell my body is differenti’ve been having pregnancy symptoms such as:- nauseated ( no vomiting )- fatigue- my breast are bigger and very sensitive ; sometimes tingly- very gassy- lower back pains- breaking out- peeing more often-my emotions have been up and down- certain smells make me gag (never happened until now)-bad headachesi have took three pregnancy test all were negative.two were urine test and one blood test (at the er).i have had a history of miscarriages. for exaple in november of 2009 i though i was pg( i was on the depo shot) so i had took pg test which came back negative. i still couldnt get the thought that i was pg out of my head so i went to dee my gyn took blood test she said i was not pg. then about a month later i started my period i got really bad cramps so suvier i went to the er come to find out i was pregnant but lost it.i have been on the implanon for two years have not had any problems(untill now), also have not had a period sense i got the implanon. i have been feeling like this for about a month and a half now. im feeling the same way as i did when i was pg in 2009.please help me out