Could I be pregnant?

Patient: Dear Doctor,I am 22 years old. I have regular and healthy periods, and had my last period on 17 February, I had a protected sexual intercourse with my fiance on 23 February. He used a condom, and is sure that the condom did not break or puncture. However, after one full day, (25 Feb), I developed a kind of bladder infection, in which I experience pain towards the end of voiding my bladder. I am having this bladder pain from past three days. Today (28 Feb) I developed pain in my lower right back, which feel likes menstrual cramp. I have following questions -1.) Is it possible that I am pregnant?2.) When can I take the home pregnancy test?3.) If I am indeed pregnant, is it advisable to take a do-it-yourself abortion pill at this stage?I will be very grateful for your help.Thank You!