Could i be pregnant

Patient: After unprotected about 3 days i experienced slight bleeding and now two months later experience most early pregnancy symptoms, tests i have taken have been negative but the symptoms have gotten worse. Also three days ago i started cramping intensly and slightly heavy vaginal bleeding. Could i be pregnant?

Doctor: There may be chances of being pregnant as you had an unprotected sexual act and the tests may show false negative result .The blood pregnancy test should be done after 6-12 days of your ovulation and the urine pregnancy test can be done after one week of blood test that is almost during the missed period.Do check out whether the bleed is bright red in color or pinkish or brownish in color .If the bleed is pink or brown ,it may be implantation bleeding ,if it is bright red it may be your normal menstrual bleed .As your bleeding heavily after 2 months , it may also be an abortion .As a doctor i suggest you to consult a doctor as soon as possible and get a scan done to confirm whether your pregnant or no , if not, what may be the reason for the bleeding will be diagnosed and can be treated.