Could I be pregnant??

Patient: I got my period which was 2 days late on december 23rd 2013. It started off on the 22nd with just a dot of pink blood and the rest of the day I had some spotting. The period only lasted 5 days but wasnt as heavy as it normally is. I have been having cramps off and on since then and sometimes i get sharp pains on my side that last a couple seconds. Then on january 7th I started spotting brown and pink and had some brown dishcharge when i would wipe. This lasted about a week then I got my period on the 18th and that lasted only 5 days as well. Before my period in december my periods were usually 7-8 days. Could I be pregnant?

Symptoms: spotting, cramps, tired, nausea off and on, backache, sharp pains on side that last only a couple seconds