Could i be pregnant??

Patient: I had 3 months of irregular periods, i even got sore breast which is unusual for me so it made me think i was pregnant my periods would start off spotting than get heavy like my usual periods. finally after taking a blood test i wasn’t pregnant. I usually get my periods the 28th or the 10 of the month after. I got my first regular period on the 15th of december 2013. it started off with brownish discharge but after got regular. on the 7th mr anf my boyfriend had sex, he used a condom but cummed without realizing it inside of it he pulled of when he started feeling a weird wt sensation. I was very scared and thought maybe the condom had broken but it didn’t. I touched the base of his penis to see if the condom had leaked any sperm but it was dry i only touched one side though. Today is feb. 2nd 2014 and no sign of my period. i did work out a bit thru last month but not excessive. I was wondering if i could be pregnant or if the condom maybe leaked without me realizing it. i have taken 4 pregnancy tests this month and all are negative. am i taking them still too early? i have no signs , other than a white discharge i got a couple of days ago. i usually get that type of dicharge, but this time i felt like it was more. I dont know if its jsut my mind playing tricks on me again or if i really am pregnant. Please help.

Symptoms: white discharge.