Could I be pregnant?

Patient: Okay last Sunday I was with my boyfriend (we’re both 17) and I gave him a blow job and I don’t believe he fully ejaculated, cause it wasn’t for that long. I can’t remember if we kissed in between, maybe once, and then he went down on me and ate me out (again, not for too long).Fast forward to now, according to a menstruation calendar app I had I was supposed to get my period last Saturday (2/22) and now it’s Monday (2/24) and I still don’t have it.But in addition, last Thursday I drove for the first time and before that I was freaking out cause I have anxiety behind driving.I’m just really scared and nervous.

Symptoms: Haven’t gotten period yet, almost 2 days late, have some cramp type things and PMS symptoms but I mean…they can also be viewed as pregnancy symptoms and I’m so scared.

Doctor: Hi, The best thing would be to do a home pregnancy test 7 to 10 days past your expected menstrual cycle to have an accur ate result.Since prevention is always better than cure it is my advice that use of birth control pills or use emergency contraceptive as a precaution to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

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Guest: dear doctor ive been eating urinating sleeping a lot lately and ive had a lot of quezzeyness I hink im pregnant