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Could i be pregnant

Patient: So my breasts have been sore for two weeks not due for my cycle for another five days..i always have breast soreness,but only right before I start..never two weeks before…im running a low fever at night and normal during the appetite has increased and my energy level is non existent..but its not uncommon for me to be tired all day, due to my dreaming and bipolar disorder cycles..i am sexually active..but not ever become pregnant even when tryin to 27 an concerned..what can u tell me



Symptoms: Sore breasts, low fever at night



Doctor: Thank you for your query.It is advisable that you see the doctor who will examine you physically and see if you have a n infection in the breasts because of which you may having fever and soreness. You can also get a blood test done for βhCG to know if you have conceived, this blood test will be more sensitive and can detect low levels of hormone and at very early stages also.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.

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Patient: Ok well as far as an infection..i have been eating steak…alot of steak and I tend to not cook that well done…and I was also wondering if it could be a problem with my liver…although I dont drink heavily anymore..i did use to drink..for four years..every day all day and hard liquor and drugs to boot..ive been clean for a year and also I don’t feel any odd lumps in my breast but my mother past away four years ago battling breast cancer..she was 45..i don’t have insurance and I don’t wanna run up a bill for something what other symptoms should I watch for, that would say yes definitely go to the doctor

Guest: Dear doctor I have had quite a lot of blood and little blood clots and now I have stopped what dose it mean


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