Could I be pregnant?

Patient: I have been feeling off for the last couple of months. March my period was a week late and then i finally got it and it was heavy. Then I had unprotected sex in April 2 weeks before my period and then again a week before my period then i had my period and it was 3 days and had a lot of old blood and the fresh blood was dark. This months (may) it again was 3 days and had a lot of old blood and the fresh blood was lighter and never even touched the pad. I’ve had pressure and a pulsating pain under my ribs and sternum area for a couple of days and have been bloated a lot for the last 2 months. And had a pain next to my belly button on and off. I’ve taken a bunch of pregnancy tests and they were all negative. I went to the doctors and the they took a urine test and it was also negative. I do have ovarian cysts so I think that would also be a problem. When i lay on my stomach at night to sleep it hurts and puts pressure on my lower stomach and pelvic and i think my uterus. And i also have lower back pressure. My lower and upper abdomen are pretty swollen looking compared to how they were a couple weeks ago. And i’m nauseous on and off, no vomiting and I’ve had lots of headaches for 2 months. I’m 17 and want to know what i should do and if there’s a possibility of me being pregnant.

Symptoms: Nausea, lower back pain and pressure, pressure and pulsating pain in ribs and sternum, headaches, swollen stomach and bloating.