Could i be pregnant?

Patient: I have a few pregnancy symptoms, Tires, Sick, Bloating, A white discharge. My breats a some what tender. I can not remember when my last period was. but the time period was probably about 5/23/2014. But i got a negative Pregnancy test result. I already have one child. Would i be pregnant?

Symptoms: Breast tenderness, pain in abdomen. White discharge. Tired.

Doctor: Your symptoms are as rightly said, suggestive of pregnancy. To add to it the fact that you have missed your period, make pregnancy very likely.Most pregnancy kits are able to detect a pregnancy a day or two before the period is missed and have a fairly reliable detection rate. If you have followed the instructions on the pregnancy kit correctly then the only reason a pregnancy kit fails to detect a pregnancy is if it is in very early stages. In such cases to avoid stress and anxiety, blood tests to measure Human chorionic gonadotropin levels are recommended. Speak to your health care provider or Clinic or hospital about taking this test. Alternatively, you could wait another week to test again at home by which time the results would be much more reliable.

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Guest: Hello. I am a female, 20 years old. I was on the depo injection for just over 2 years, and my last injection was due on the 22 of May, but I didn’t go to get it. I haven’t had periods for 2 years, and I have had unprotected sex ( as me and my partner are trying for a baby) We had unprotected sex and 2 days later I started spotting a brown ish colour. I have done pregnancy tests but came back negative, can I pregnant ?