Could I be pregnant

Patient: Could I be pregnant? I have had 8 positive at home pregnancy test, the lines were faint on some of the test that used line but on the digital test they clearly read pregnant. I went to the doctor for a urine test but that test came back negative. I have some pinkish discharge after a bowel movement once, there has been no more pinkish discharge since then. I am currently a week past my expected menstrual cycle.

Symptoms: bloating, fatigue, sore breast

Doctor: It is very very unlikely that you get such mixed results. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the pack, tak ing a urine pregnancy test should be fairly easy, simple and higjly reproducible.With a faintly positive pregnancy test, only 2 possibilities can be true – false positive or tubal ectopic pregnancy. The best way to avoid confusion as well as missing out on an early diagnosis of an ectopic would be to do blood hCG tests.The blood hCG can detect even small quantities of hCG in the blood which may not be detected by the urine test. Generally the hCG levels double every 48hours. Monitoring serial hCG levels is a way of confirming that the baby is growing well and ruling out an extrauterine or ectopic pregnancy.