Could I Be Pregnant?

Patient: Hello, well I had sex and I got a UTI so i went to my doctor 2-3 days after and he tested my urine for pregnancy and it came out negative. Than i waited 3 days and took an at home test because i missed my period and it came out negative. The next day i got period like symptoms (craps, nausea, sore breasts) and heavy flow bleeding. Than at night it started stopping, it was a light flow. The next day the period is still at light flow and about to stop. Its abnormally short. Could i be pregnant or could it be stress?

Doctor: You have tested negative for pregnancy twice and you also have had your periods, there is no reason why you should conti nue to think you could be pregnant. The cycle time as well as the period flow are quite variable in a woman’s lifetime. There are a few cycles which will be longer and some period days which are shorter as it is part of natures variations. Another factor that affects the periods is stress. High stress may also lead to delayed periods with decreased flow. You obviously must have had a bad time dealing with the urinary tract infection and all. These are transient changes and in a couple of cycles things will fall back to normal.Although home pregnancy tests are 99 percent accurate when used correctly, if you strongly suspect pregnancy and do not trust the urine pregnancy tests, you may also go to a doctor and request a blood hCG test. This is a more accurate method of testing which can detect slightly elevated values of hCG (the pregnancy hormone) and is much more sensitive than a urine test.In the future, to avoid such stressful situations I would advice you to use some form of contraception if you are sure you don’t want a baby at present. Barrier methods such as condoms or female diaphragms are also a good idea for you since you recently suffered from post sex infection.