Could i be pregnant?!!

Patient: Hi i just had sex with my bf. and i’m very paranoid of the possibility of being pregnant…. we used a condom and it did not rip or slip off, and he didnt ejaculate either. Could i still get pregnant? If i were to get pregnant in about how many days from now will i be able to tell the obvious pregnancy symptoms? And i’ve been letting out some gooey white thing, what does that mean?

Symptoms: Gooey white stuff coming out of vigina

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIf there has been no ejaculation and also no condom misadventure then it is unlikely that you shall get pregnant. However , the stress per se can cause delayed period for you which you may mistake as pregnancy. the best time to check for pregnancy would be day 24-26 when blood serum beta hcg test can be preformed and if it shows raised values , it indicates pregnancy.The white gooey or curd like discharge could possibly a fungal infection. It would be better if you visit your physician for a per speculum exam and a vaginal swab smear to ascertain the cause.I hope i have answered your query.wishing you health.regards