Could i be pregnant???

Patient: I had un protected sex november 23 my period was do december 3 i havent had my period ever somce last month and i feel a little cramps and i feel like pregnant bit i took 3 home pregnancy test already all 3 say negative help i dont know could i still be pregnant?????

Symptoms: Cramps a little bit moody

Doctor: Hello,It appears that your period has been delayed by 2 weeks by now and your pregnancy tests are negative. This ensu res that there is No pregnancy at all, for sure. This delay in period could just be an Isolatory episode which can happen in cases of extreme stress during the month be it psychological or emotional and it can have its bearing on the hormonal balance , thereby causing a delay.However, as you mentioned that you are experiencing some abdominal cramps and mood swings which can well be the part of Premenstrual syndrome ( in absence of pregnancy) , PMS, which indicate that the menses would ensue in few days . The symptoms of PMS mimic that of early pregnancy , but subside once the menses start or sometimes when they stop after bleeding.So it is suggested that you wait for few days and if your menses don’t return then visit your physician for a transvaginal ultrasound to look for the endometrial thickness inside the uterus. If the thickness is more than 10mm and there is no pregnancy ( second confirmation), then you can opt for a withdrawal bleed with progestins to resume your menses. Further it is advised that you may maintain a menstrual calendar for next 3 months to evaluate the pattern of menses and its regularity.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards