Could I be pregnant?

Patient: Hi, I have a question about pregnancy. I had unprotected sex on December 20,2014 and that just so happened to be the day that I was ovulating. My period was 4 days late this month and it normally is never late and this morning I woke up to a pinkish colored blood. My period is normally a lot heavier and I’m having abdominal pain that does not feel like cramps. I have a few other signs of pregnancy, but the bleeding has not stopped but its very light with a few occasional dark specks. Could I be pregnant? I haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet because I thought it was too early.

Symptoms: Light bleeding similar to a period, abdominal cramps, bigger breasts, heightened sense of smell, sensitive stomach

Doctor: Hello,If you have had unprotected sex during your ovulation time, then it is always better to rule out pregnancy if y ou have missed your periods. It s the 4 th day post missed period so you may perform a urine pregnancy test on the 7th day and if its negative then the symptoms you are experiencing can be attributed to premenstrual syndrome or PMS which mimic pregnancy and indicate that menses would ensue in few days .So please get a urine pregnancy test done first. I hope i have answered your query,regards