Could I Be Pregnant?

Patient: I have been trying to get pregnant. And i was 8 days late for my period, and I got a brownish liquid and then a dark redish brown liquid instead of my normal red period. And when it came it was significantly light for a bleeding. Similar to a spotting I guess. Is there any chance its an early pregnancy symptom and I could be pregnant?

Symptoms: Period, spotting

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The cycle has been delayed for 8 days and associated with minimal bleeding, this could be a sign of early pregnancy or may also be a sign of a forthcoming period. It can sometimes even mean a very early miscarriage.It would be good to rule out the causes one by one. You will have to see a gynecologist and get a beta HCG test done to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. If the result is positive, you will have to follow it up with an ultrasound to rule out an early miscarriage. If the tests are negative for a pregnancy, it could be a hormonal change causing an abnormal bleeding pattern. The doctor will also need to rule out any vaginal infection.There is nothing to worry about, just proceed and seek medical help for the same.Wish you a successful conception.Hope this helped.Regards