Could i be pregnant?

Patient: Ive had unprotected sex with my bf recently using the pull out method, last time was during my ovulation period. since then my period was 5 days late, it seemed normal, but im still having very mild cramps throughout the day. what are the chances of being pregnant?

Symptoms: Late period, breasts feel fuller, mild cramps

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you have had your periods, though 5 days late, after the intercourse and sure of not h aving any intercourse after your last period, then there is no chance of pregnancy. The symptoms you have described are not due to pregnancy in your case. They could be due to small hormonal discrepancies or even a part of premenstrual syndrome if your next cycles are soon approaching. There is nothing to worry. In case you still have doubts about pregnancy, do a urine pregnancy test in case you miss your next cycles and consider seeing a gynecologistHope this helpedRegards.