Could I be pregnant?

Patient: Hello, its a pregnancy question . so here it goes i normally get my period the 13th of every month. on december i did not get it at all but on january 3rd i did lasted 6 days. than 24th of january i had spotting for a day very light brownish. now on febuary i did not get it till now the 7th but its very light not heavy. and me and my husband have sexual intercourse almost everyday when im done with my period. we dont use protection at all and he cums all the time inside of me.

Symptoms: Deeziness,tired,swollen breasts,moody,cramps,back pain,

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryThough the cycles have been irregular, there are likely possibilities of pregnancy, consid ering the unprotected intercourse and the symptoms you have which simulate an early pregnancy.Kindly consult a gynecologist and get a beta hCG test done and rule out pregnancy.In case the result is negative, we must rule out other causes like thyroid dysfunction, prolactin hormone changes, stress induced causes, pill side effects, hormonal imbalances and polycystic ovaries, etc causing irregular cyclesYou may need to undergo a few blood and hormonal tests and an ultrasound as well.The doctor may wish to treat you with hormonal supplements or birth control pills for a few cycles, depending on the diagnosisHope this helped.Regards