Could I be pregnant?

Patient: I need to know if I am pregnant or not. I had my period on the 14th and had unprotected sex on the 15 and on the 18th. I started spotting brown discharge on the 21st, the 22 it started getting a little red but still brown too, then I kept spotting until today and it got a little heavier and bright red. I have had a few clots, but the blood doesn’t look the same as period blood. I was also on birth control while we had sex but it was my first week of the pill and my doctor told me its not effective the first week. I have also had cramps while I have been spotting, not too terribly bad. My stomach has also been bothering me like in a weird way, can’t really explain it. My boobs are also starting to hurt on the sides. I have been nauseous every single day, I have been peeing a lot more than usual and I have been constantly hungry but then having no appetite at the same time. I need to know if I’m pregnant or not! Please help!