Could I be Pregnant?

Patient: HelloI have been on Mirena since April of 2007. I am schedule for removal on 11-21-11 but I have a bit of a concern. I had my period in october around the week of the 24th. A week and a half later my breasts started feeling really tender and I did have some minor cramping in my lower abdomin and ache in my lower back…also I noticed a little tiny amount of liquid from my nipples most from my right breast. I took a pregnancy test early last week in the late afternoon but it was negative. Yesterday 11-12-11 I thought i started my period which is very early but when i went to fo change my tampon it was pretty clean still. so I didnt use one at all the reast of the night cause i wasn’t bleeding. THis morning I woke up to do my morning pee expection to have a little more of a heavy flow but there was nothing….and i checked my breasts and my right breast squeezed liquid a little more and a lot faster…what is going on? thank you