Could i be pregnant after negative ultrasound?

Patient: I had 10 pregnancy test negative..I did ultrasound and it was normal..except simple cyst in left ovary…Today,i had little amount of blood in white discharge as my periods are due on 16.I had normal periods for last 4 months..Its been 4 months i had just been caressing with my bf..We were wet but he’s sure he didnt ejaculate in me…could there be any posibility of Pregnancy??or it is just psychological??the doctor has told me to take DRONIS20 from 2nd day of my next period.i am 22..will it have side effects???And can ultrasound be negative.

Symptoms: Just little weight gain in 3 months-2 kg..i weigh 52kg.

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the query.If your pregnancy tests have been negative and your partner has not ejaculated inside y ou as you were both involved in caressing only, then the chances of pregnancy are negligible. the blood tinged discharge you experienced was due to break through bleeding and doesn’t indicate pregnancy. However if your menses are delayed then you may undertake a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy again.The dronis 20 is a oc pill which provided inhibition of ovulation and hence contraception. Its a combined oc pill which may cause some weight gain over next few months and sometimes water retention as normal side effects of oc pills. Else benefits outweighs the risks and hence can be used regularly for contraception.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards

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Patient: What about spotting???i have period due on 16th…. I hve some spoting since last 5 days????could it be of concern