Could i be pregnant and should i take a test

Patient: I was on the depo in Nov and got my last shot in Feb. Was suppose to get in may. But missed it so I took a couple test in between then and two weeks ago and it said negative and i havent had a perion then three dats ago I was spotting and then I had rough intercourse early this morning and now I’m cramping could I be pregnant? Or what?

Symptoms: Cramping

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As now you are not under any contraction, if you had unprotect ed intercourse around the time of ovulation, there is a possibility of pregnancy.But the spotting can be due to other causes like premenstrual spotting, ovulatory spotting etc.Abdominal cramps can be due to pain due to rough intercourse, pelvic infection due to unprotected intercourse or may be indicating starting of menstruation etc.Urine pregnancy test cannot detect very early pregnancy, it can give an accurate result three weeks after intercourse.If spotting doesn’t turn into menstrual flow, better to consult your doctor once and take tablets to induce withdrawal bleeding.Take care.