Could I be pregnant and still have my period regularly?

Patient: I had sex without a condom with my long distance boyfriend 3 months ago, I’m on birth control and good at taking it so i wasn’t too worried. I’ve had regular periods since then, but lately my boobs have mysteriously grown, I’m super moody and tired all the time and have gained a bit of weight. I’m starting to get way paranoid that I’m one of those people who gets periods while pregnant and doesn’t find out until they’re in labour. Does that actually happen? Can you get regular periods (or i guess ‘withdrawl bleeds’ since i’m on birth control) and still be pregnant? Help!!

Symptoms: Breast growth, tired, moody, weight gain

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is not possible to get periods regularly and still get pregnant. Though there have bee n cases of not knowing the status of pregnancy, and going on until labor, it could be due to ignorance of patients, but definitely they would not have had cyclical bleeding. Withdrawal bleeds may be possible, but they will not always be cyclical bleeding with a regular interval. Hence, there is no chance of pregnancy in your case. The symptoms could be due to some other cause like anemia, side effect of medication (pills) which you are associating with a possible pregnancyHope this helped.Regards,