Could I be pregnant from a five second unprotected intercourse.

Patient: Last Friday my bf jacked off twice, peed, then took a shower. We did oral sex (including bj) and then h penetrated me for maybe five seconds. I’m on the pill but miss it every now and then. It is now a week later and I’m not supposed to get my period until two weeks. This morning it looked like a very light period mostly bright red and some brownish color. I’ve also been misusing my birth control pills.

Symptoms: slightly sore breasts

Doctor: Since you are irregular on the pill you are at a risk of losing the protection offered by the birth control pills. Aft er any form of unprotected intercourse, as long as there has been any contact of your vagina with the ejaculate, you are at a risk of pregnancy.The best way to end this confusion and stress is to do a home pregnancy test or getting tested at a nearby clinic. To do a home pregnancy test you may follow the instructions on the pack and get tested yourself without any hassles. The home pregnancy test is fairly reliable when the test is done 12 – 14 days after the possible day of conception.To avoid such anxiety and stress in the future, I strongly urge you to visit a family planning clinic or a contraception counselor and discuss the possibility of using alternative methods of contraceptive that you will be able to comply with. Armed with the proper knowledge, I am sure you will be able to avoid such stressful moments in the future.