Could i be pregnant if i started my pills recently?

Patient: I started my birth control on November 30 after my period and i had sex 3 times since than without protection all during my “fertile week” i recently been spotting alot heavy at times and light some times i was 3 days late on my period can i be pregnant or no ?

Symptoms: Spotting dizziness and nausea without vomiting

Doctor: Hello,If you started your birth control pill from the first day of your menses then it is likely that you would be p rotected as pills take a week to establish hormone levels in balance to prevent ovulation. But if the pills were started later at the end of the bleeding then it is uncertain that the ovulation may have taken place and then owing to unprotected intercourse chances are that you may get pregnant.It is suggested that you may perform a urine pregnancy test ideally to rule out or confirm pregnancy.Now as you have started spotting already, these may be your menses and indicative that you have not conceived if your pregnancy test turns out to be negative.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards