Could I be Pregnant if My Boyfriend Ejaculated On My Waist

Patient: My boyfriend ejaculated on my waist but it dripped down to my vagina after about a minute. could i get pregnant from this? Is there a chance i could be pregnant from sperm that has been exposed to air before it touched my vagina?

Doctor: Hello, I understand why you are worried, but let me reassure you that if no ejaculation happened inside the vagina the p ossibilities of pregnancy will be very slight.Inside the vagina the humid environment and depending on your ovulation day, the mucus of your cervix could also favor the transport of the sperms inside cervix onto you fallopian tubes, but this could only happen if the ejaculation takes place inside the vagina or if some of the semen could have gone inside by other means. In my opinion the probabilities that you could get pregnant are limited but if your menses are late for a week, you might want to consider taking a pregnancy test. I wish you the best.