Could I be Pregnant or what is it that’s wrong?

Patient: Hi. I’ve had pregnancy symptoms for the whole week (last week). This week on Tues. I had some light pink spotting and than got a little more like blood. I now have cramping on just one side of my stomach, sometimes in the middle? What could this be?

Symptoms: Nauseous, dizziness, tender boobs, and having to use the rrestroom alot!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting for an opinion.It is natural on your part to be concerned if either you have missed your periods or having pregnancy like symptoms ( nausea, dizziness, headache, tender breasts or increased frequency of urine) in case you have been sexually active recently .Allow me to apprise you that these similar symptoms may also be produced by a syndrome called Premenstrual syndrome which occurs just few days prior to onset of menses which includes abdominal cramps, nausea , headache, heaviness and tenderness of breasts, constipation some times, mood swings, loss of appetite, distaste and sometimes increased frequency of urine.This is popularly known as PMS.If the concern is pregnancy then the best way to rule out pregnancy is to perform a home based beta hcg based urine pregnancy test after 7 days of missed periods which can give a confirmative diagnosis. If the test is negative , then pregnancy is ruled out and what you may be suffering is with the premenstrual syndrome.It is seen that it starts few days before menses and the symptoms subside once the menses start with good flow. Abdominal cramps can be easily treated with usage of anti-spasmodics which can be consulted for usage with your physician. Now that the spotting has started and bleed has increased , it is likely that you are having your menses. The symptoms are likely to subside with the flow increasing. However , if these symptoms exist before every menstrual bleed on a regular basis, and are capacitative or severe , then you may visit your physician for a complete evaluation and further treatment .I hope i have answered all your queries .Wishing you best of health.Regards