Could I be pregnant? When is the best time to do a pregnancy test?

Patient: I came off my birth control about two months ago and had unsafe sex just over a week ago, a few days after I started feeling funny! belly pain, feeling sick and I’m always sleepy. Ive not had a period for about a year and I just wanted to know if I could be pregnant? can change to the body start so soon? how soon can I take a test?

Doctor: I do understand your concern. It is difficult to confirm pregnancy without a pregnancy test. Home pregnancy test are fai rly accurate in detecting pregnancy if done during the right time. Urine tests for pregnancy are most sensitive 2-3 weeks after conception. Before this, the pregnancy hormone levels may not be high to be detected in the tests. The test is accurate if you take it a week after you miss your periods (you may have to wait a couple of days to repeat the test). The test should be done in the morning with the first urine sample as it contains the most hormone concentration. Since you’ve not had a period for over a year, I would advise doing the test 2-3 weeks after the unprotected sex. Alternatively you could do a blood test for pregnancy which is more accurate and can detect pregnancy earlier.