Could I be pregnant with all the signs I’m having

Patient: I have exhaustion, cramping at night, have missed my periods for over two weeks now, headaches and sore nipples. Is their a chance I could be pregnant? I have two kids already and my partner and I are trying for another

Symptoms: Headaches, bloating, nausea, cramping at night, mood swings, sore nipples, missed period for over two weeks

Doctor: Hello ,If you have already missed your periods for more than 2 weeks now, then it is best to undertake a urine pregnan cy test to confirm or rule out pregnancy.However, if the test is negative then the symptoms of headache, bloating, cramps, nausea, sore nipples and mood swings can be attributed to premenstrual syndrome which mimics early pregnancy symptoms and indicates that your menses are to ensue in few days and there is no pregnancy. These symptoms usually subside with onset of menses or may last for few days even after stoppage of menses.I hope i have addressed your concerns,wishing you good health,regards