Could i get pregnant?

Patient: I am 21 year old, and i am a virgin. few days ago, my boyfriend and I were fooling around. We did try and he did put the tip of his penis on my vagina and pressed and kind of grinding but it did not go in. we were both naked. but, he did not cum and i don’t think there was any pre-cum. we both peed after. There was no ejaculation. but i am worried if there might be a chance i could get pregnant and if i should get the morning pill after? i am still a virgin.

Symptoms: No symptoms but i have seen light pink spotting but it stopped

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Pregnancy can only happen if there is penetration of the penis into the vagina followe d by ejaculation of the woman is in her fertile period of her cycle.In your case there has been penetration. Pregnancy rarely happens with contact with precum. If you are very sure that your partner did not have any pre ejaculate and there was definitely no ejaculation inside the vagina, then there is no need to worry about pregnancy and hence no requirement for a morning after pill or emergency contraception.In case of slightest doubts, it is better to take the pill .Remember to always use a barrier method like condom during an intercourse when you are not planning for a pregnancy.In case you miss your anticipated cycle next month, kindly do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy.Hope this helps.Feel free to contact us for further clarification.Regards