Could I get pregnant during my fertile days?

Patient: I had sex with my boyfriend on Monday November 10th. I started my period on November 2nd and ended on the 7th. I want to calculate my fertile days. I also want to know if I can get pregnant during those days. Can the sperm in me live up to my fertile days? Today I noticed yellow mucus when I went to the bathroom in the afternoon. Could that mean something ?

Symptoms: Yellow mucus.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting and trusting askthedoctor.comFertile period can be calculated if one is aware of her cy cle and the tentative time for her ovulation . For example in a 28 day cycle ovulation occurs at day 13-day 15 . So accordingly sex should be avoided 5 days before and 5 days after ovulation. Thats the fertile period.The sperm is said to be able to survive intravaginally for a maximum of 72 hours after which it disintegrates and looses its motility and ability to fertilize.The best way to monitor ovulation is through an LH based ovulation kit which indicates the LH surge. The day it turns positive, within next 36 hrs ovulation would ensue. So ideally sex should be avoided from the day prior to the day when ovulation kit test turns positive.So , in your case , presuming you have a 28 day regular cycle , the with your LMP being on 2nd november , your ovulation should occur between 15th -17th november . If you have had sex on 10th november, then you were in your safe period and unlikely to get pregnant.The mucoid yellow discharge you experienced is possibly because of the progesterone effect of ruptured graffian follicle called corpus luteum on the cervix , causing mucoid cervical secretions to be released. Any discharge per vaginum which is coloured, foul smelling or associated with itching is considered pathological / infection unless proved otherwise by a negative vaginal smear culture. Hence , it would be advisable to visit your physician for a per speculum examination and smear culture of discharge.However , the gold standard for testing pregnancy would be to perform a beta hcg based urine pregnancy test after 7 days pf missed periods or you may consult your physician to perform a blood serum HCG by DAY 26 of the cycle which if positive can confirm pregnancy.I hope i have answered your queries in detail.Wishing you best of health,Regards