Could I get pregnant if my boyfriend was only half-inside me?

Patient: I let my boyfriend put the tip of his penis or a little tiny bit more into my vaginal hole, well i think it was the hole anyways. I am 16 and a virgin, we haven’t had full sex and he was never fully inside me. But i did orgasm rubbing back and forth against him inside me, he however did not cum inside me at all. But he may have or may not have pre-ejaculated, he came before ever entering me and he peed before then too. Is there a chance i may be pregnant? I have anemia which i’ve had for awhile, and i’ve been having regular symptoms as in light headedness, fatigue, dizzyness, intense headaches, and such. I today had some constipation which is normal for me not constant but usual.The unusual symptoms i’ve had is emotional and my nipples being sore(which has been cause in the past from my partner sucking on them alot),the area around the nipples i think have gotten lighter and my breast feel fine they are not sore. I don’t know what to think? This event occurred im gonna guess, like 2-4 days ago. I’m worrying that i may be pregnant because we both have no idea if he pre-ejaculated or not, but like i said he had came and peed before the event. Is it possible that i am? what would you recommend that i do?

Doctor: With your description, there will be a small (but very real) chance of you becoming pregnant. Bear in mind though that s emen, even if it looks watery, still contains sperm cells. Your boyfriend may have come before the penetration but any residual semen still has sperm cells and can still result to pregnancy if you were fertile. I was a bit confused of your term “fully inside”. During intercourse, the penis is either inside or outside of the vagina; if the penis is half-in, it is considered inside the vagina. Sperm cells can live up to 3-5 days within the vagina. If you will miss your next period, you may do a home pregnancy test. This should be done 5 weeks after the last menstrual period (count from Day 1 or first day of previous period) and better do it in the morning (first morning urine upon waking up). Please practice safe sex always; better yet, start having birth control pills or patch to avoid unwanted pregnancy.  It is also noteworthy that male condoms are only ~98% effective against pregnancy even if it does not break. I do hope this helps.