Could I have anemia?

Patient: Hi all I was hoping for some help interpreting some result blood results please?Haemoglobin concentration 140 (115.0-160.0)Total white blood count 6.8 (4.0-12.0)Red blood cell count. 4.18 ( 4.2-5.4) below rangeHaematocrit. 0.4 (0.37-0.47)Mean cell volume. 95.7 (78.0-100.0)Mean cell haemoglobin. 33.5 (27.0- 32.0) high in rangeMean cell haemoglobin concentration 350.0 (310.0-350.0)Platelet count. 180 ( 140-450)Red blood cell distribution width 11.6 % ( 11.0- 16.0)Serum vit B12. 604 (187.0-883.0)Serum folate. 11.3 (3.1- 20.5)Serum ferritin. 20 (10-204)Could I have anemia? I am feeling very weak, aching limbs, headaches, sores in my mouth, always pale, covered in bruises and cold hands and feet etc.I was going to take some iron even though my dr was not concerned but don’t want to take anything I shouldn’t and end up feeling worse. I have been feeling ill since the birth of my child 3 years ago.If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated.Thanks

Symptoms: Weakness, mouth sores, pms, bruising, aching limbs, headaches,