Could I have Exsercise-Induced Asthma?

Patient: Over the years i have experienced weezing and coughing after physical activity and i have a hard time catching my breath sometimes durring and after. i was in army cadets for 6 years and i discovered these symptoms durring my first year when trying to complete a Physical fitness test. the worst was the Run cause i could never catch my breath and its like i have a chest cold and i cough up flem for the rest of the day. what could these symptoms add up to?

Doctor: I realize how worried you are about your possible asthma symptoms. Asthma is considered and reaction of your respiratory ducts to certain allergens, narrowing and excessive mucus production happens after contact with these allergens; however there are there triggers such as exercise.Exercise can induce an asthma attack in people who have no other triggers and do not experience asthma under any other circumstances, usually is the cold air that is breathed through your mother the trigger the attack. After reading about your symptoms, in my opinion yes you might be experiencing symptoms related to asthma induced by exercise. I would suggest you to consult your physician if you present them again; he or she might need to prescribe you a bronchodilator that would help you breath better during and after your exercise, after a more detailed history and evaluation.