Could I Possibly Be Pregnant?

Patient: I haven’t had my period since 1/28/2010. When it was supposed to start in feb. it was a very light brown spotting that lasted about 2 days and i havent had anything since then but tender breast and feeling sick all the time. My home test came up neg. But i really feel im pregnant could the home test be wrong or whats going on?

Doctor: Hello, I understand your concern about possible pregnancy. Since your last menstrual period was on January and you had l ight spotting on February, It would have been helpful to know the days that you had unprotected sex to try to guess the possibility of pregnancy.On the other hand, light spotting could be found in some cycles. Depending on many factors some menstrual cycles could not built enough Uterine lining to shed; changes in weight, diet, stress, anxiety, hormonal condition can be part of them. However it could also be present during implantation of a fertilized ovum but usually it would be 6 to 10 days post conception.Home pregnancy tests could be wrong sometimes or taken too early, you could take another pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy, this time I would suggest you to take it as soon as you wake up with the first urine of the day, and give the test a few minutes to work. I wish you the best.