Could i possibly be pregnant or just stressed?

Patient: Ok so this is what happened. my partner and i had unprotected sex on november 16. he got a vasectomy the next day. couple days later we had sex again. then my period started on the 21 seemed normal the first day but then was practically nonexistent. we have been having sex regularly since. now here i am nauseous all the time, tired, my stomach and back ache, frequent headaches. took a test although i know it is early but i figured if i’m experiencing symtoms…was negative. but can’t shake the feeling something is up.

Symptoms: Nausea, dry heaving, cramps, aches, headache

Doctor: You had sex before and after vasectomy and have experienced a different bleeding pattern. It takes time to lose one’s fe rtility after a vasectomy. A sizable minority of men receiving vasectomy may still be at substantial risk for fertility six months after the procedure. Foe example of more than 200 participants in a prospective study in Mexico, 17% had not achieved sperm clearance by 24 weeks, according to semen analysis.Although male sterilization is a highly effective and permanent form of contraception, men who just underwent the procedure must typically use an additional contraceptive method until semen analysis confirms the absence of sperm. In general, men are told to follow current clinical guidelines—to use backup for 10-12 weeks, or until they have ejaculated 15-20 times.A home pregnancy test is however very helpful here, given the symptoms being so similar to that of pregnancy. Serial tests at regular intervals may be required to confirm or negate pregnancy and your gynecologist will give you suitable advice based on your specific circumstances.