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Could I still be pregnant?

Patient: I am 21, My last period was on October 5th, My husband and I have been trying for a baby since my miscarriage back in Feb. i have irregular periods but never this late. i have a increase of a thick white discharge as well as moodiness, heartburn, tiredness, i feel very bloated, not ever very hungry (and i love food) and cramps and its sometimes hard, i cant tell if my nipples got darker but they seem like they may have but they are not very sore at all. I took a pregnancy test about a week ago and it was negative…Could I still be pregnant but have negative home pregnancy test?




Symptoms: Increase white discharge, moodiness, heartburn, missed 2 periods, bloat

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Usually in case of regular periods urine pregnancy test kit c an give accurate result one week after expected date of periods.But as you are having irregular periods accuracy of urine pregnancy test is somewhat doubtful.Though some of your symptoms are suggesting pregnancy, we cannot come to one conclusion just by symptoms.Because these type of symptoms can be seen in premenstrual phase also.So, better to choose procedures like blood test for pregnancy or ultrasound, which can give more accurate result than urine pregnancy test.Ultrasound can also help in finding out the possible causes for your irregular periods.As you are planning for pregnancy, better to start folic acid prophylaxis from nowonwards with your doctor’s advice.Take care.


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